Introducing my new project, GMass

After my Trump article notoriety, it was my goal to build upon the momentum of my writing by continuing to publish pieces of satire, insight, and entertainment, but my writing pursuits were derailed by my software interests. Back in March, I launched Wordzen, an executive assistant for Gmail, and just two weeks ago, I launched a new product for Gmail users called GMass.

GMass is a beautiful mass email system for Gmail. The idea was born back in June, while I was working in Hawaii. I was recruiting editors for Wordzen and found myself wanting to email some important information about my recruiting process to several prospects at once. After searching for and not finding an easy solution, I began exploring Gmail’s inner workings, attempting to decipher how difficult it would be to build such a system on my own. After researching Gmail’s API, and Streak’s client-side API, Inbox SDK, I ventured to build the ultimate mass email and mail merge solution for Gmail. I worked tirelessly for nearly 3 months, sometimes bleeding over a line of code to get it working just right. I present to you, GMass.

Like my former product Wordzen, GMass is also a Chrome extension and is also currently free.

The premise of GMass is that it allows you to email multiple people, while making it appear as if you’re emailing each person individually. You can also schedule emails to be sent at a later time, personalize each email with the recipient’s name, and even learn when each individual opens the email. The killer feature, however, is one that could alter best practices for the email marketing industry at large — the ability to send your mass email in a way that it the email message appears as a reply to the last conversation you had with each recipient. The benefit is that your email communication is more likely to appear as if it was written just for that person, if it’s a reply to the last email you received from that person.


There are all sorts of cool little features lurking within, like the ability to build an email list by searching your Gmail account and extracting matching email addresses. So far, GMass has been received well. I posted the idea to the /r/startups sub on reddit a couple weeks ago, and it was the #1 thread for a day and a half.


Anyway, if you’re a Gmail user, and so-inclined, please check it out:


2 thoughts on “Introducing my new project, GMass

  1. I just launched a new environmental consulting outsourcing business, and used this for my launch newsletter to my 9,000 email database.

    Really easy to use, and seems to be working (I launched the send out tonight – auto sending around 1940 emails per day).


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