Why I’ll never stay at Wynn or Encore in Las Vegas again…lies, theft, and corruption.

You might think that my accusations of theft and corruption at Wynn/Encore stem from gambling losses, but I actually netted $6 playing blackjack over the course of the weekend.

Other than my casino winnings, my stay at Wynn/Encore was the worst hotel experience I’ve ever had out of any hotel claiming to be a “luxury” hotel. Encore may look luxurious from the inside, but their service and code of ethics would easily be outdone by a lower class hotel like Motel 6. In fact, my overall Vegas experience would have been better had I stayed at a Motel 6 instead of Wynn.

My misery began upon check-in on the evening of September 8, 2016. I had booked a Resort King Suite at Encore. During check-in, I could tell from the attendant’s facial expression that something wasn’t quite right. He typed away for a couple minutes, and then exclaimed, “I’ve found a great room for you sir!”.

“Great,” I thought. “I’m on my way to enjoying Vegas.” 

He said it’s only a couple minutes walk from there, and on the Wynn side. I asked why I was being sent to Wynn when my reservation was for Encore. He told me they didn’t have availability at Encore, and the Wynn room was equivalent to the room I had booked. I asked if it was the same size, and he said that it was 700 sq feet. I asked if I’d get a credit since he’s putting me in a smaller room, and he told me that that’s not possible, since the room I was getting was actually at a higher rate than the room I booked. This was all very strange…why am I not getting the room I had reserved and paid a deposit on? How is a smaller, older room, have a higher rate than a newer, bigger room? He told me that if I wanted, I could contact the front desk in the morning to see if any Encore Resort King Suites had become available.

Although I was suspicious, I was also tired, so I relented, took the keys, and went to my room.

Much to my surprise, the room was not at all similar to the room I had booked and paid for. It was a single room rather than a 2-room suite with a divider, and it was substantially smaller.

So I went back down, now on the Wynn side, went to the front desk, and explained to an attendant how the attendant on the Encore side had completely misled me, lying about everything from the room rate to the room size.  She, very calmly explained that Encore was sending ALL of their check-ins to Wynn because they were full, and that she was aware of the situation and would have a manger contact me in the morning. Fair enough.

So let’s review so far:

1. The hotel booked more rooms than they had available, intentionally to maximize their revenue, knowing full-well guests would show up and they wouldn’t get the rooms they had reserved. ETHICALLY DEVOID and CORRUPT.

2. The attendant attempted to deceive me with this exclamation of “We’ve found a great room for you!”. HE LIED.

3. He told me it was 700 sq feet, when it was 600 sq feet. HE LIED AGAIN.

4. He told me that the rate on the Wynn room was higher than the room I had originally booked, so there would be no credit. I checked online when I got up to my room. The room I was sent to was about $100/night less than what I booked. HE LIED ONCE AGAIN.

5. He put the onus of correcting the issue on ME rather than the hotel, by telling me I could call the front desk the next morning. Any hotel with any semblance of “luxury” would be proactive and not only contact me the next morning, but offer amends. INADEQUATE SERVICE.

The exciting first night in Vegas turned into one of fraught with anxiety. Nothing irks me more than knowing I’ve been taken advantage of. And the con of Wynn/Encore was just beginning.

The next morning, after a mostly sleepless night fretting over whether I was going to get the right room, I ate some breakfast, and headed to the front desk.

First, I spoke to another front-desk receptionist. I explained the situation, now for the second time, and she told me she’d put my name on the list of people to get an Encore Resort King Suite after the rooms were cleaned. I asked for a credit for having been downgraded the prior night, and she offered me a credit of one night’s resort fee ($35) for my “inconvenience”. 

Really? A whopping $35 for my inconvenience?

How about compensation for your incompetency? For your lies? For all the time I had spent dealing with this nonsense instead of enjoying my trip?

I asked to speak to a manager. 

“Danny” the manager came over, and fortunately he was already aware of my complaint. “Danny” seemed like a reasonable person, until he started talking and uttered the following gems:

1. “From a customer standpoint, what you’re saying makes sense, but this just isn’t how our business works.”

2. (After I complained that I was put in a lesser room last night but still paid the rate of the bigger room…):

“You weren’t put in a lesser room…it was just a smaller room.”

3. “You checked in really late last night, which is why your room wasn’t available. We’re fully booked right now, and rooms are given on a first-come, first-available basis.”


I then had to channel Seinfeld, and explain that I made a FREAKING RESERVATION, and paid for it. And, just like Seinfeld, I had to explain that “ANYBODY CAN TAKE A RESERVATION. THE IMPORTANT PART IS HOLDING THE RESERVATION.”

The stunt Wynn/Encore was pulling isn’t unique to them…many hotels adhere to the same, corrupt practice. They sell more rooms than they have, fully intending to cheat those that don’t get the room they paid for, hoping the customer shuts up and doesn’t scream too loudly. Here’s a more detailed explanation of the problem.

After some back and forth with “Danny”, he relented and said he’d credit me the resort fee for all 3 days of my stay, which add up to slightly over $100, which makes up for the rate difference between the room I was given and the room I paid for. Fair enough. He also told me that they would call me later that day when my actual room (Resort King Suite at Encore) was ready, and I could then move my bags. I was still surprised they didn’t offer more. I caught them with their pants down, and they ought to have not only made up the rate difference but done something additional for lying and to make me whole, but I didn’t want to spend any more time fighting this.

So, as the day went on, I waited, and waited, and waited some more. No phone call ever came to tell me my Resort King Suite was ready.

Finally, in the early evening, I called the front desk. They searched, found a room for me, and down I went to claim the key and head up to the room that I actually paid for.

But here’s the kicker:

The day I checked out, I asked for a copy of my bill. The 3 days worth of resort fees were NOT credited at all. They were on the bill.

I returned home to Chicago, I called Wynn’s Billing Office, and I left a message, explaining that my bill was wrong and that Danny the Manager was supposed to take off the daily resort fees.

My call was never returned.

I hope somebody sets Wynn and Encore on fire.

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